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Jaichnikovaja Obrabotka Kisty and the Information concerning Various Means

Yaichnik - the main female reproductive body which contains pods which make eggs and steroid hormones in a regular (monthly) cycle. There are two yaichnika, located in lower stomach, one on each party of a uterus.
Yaichnikovye kisty (the sacks filled with a liquid) that the form on yaichnikakh, are rather extended among women, while all of them still menstruiruyut, it in general between age of 15-55 years.
Firm yaichnikovaya kista it is often mentioned as "tumour" however, it is necessary to mean that this term - the general medical term for any inflation in a fabric, and it does not mean that kista malicious (malignant). Actually the majority yaichnikovykh kist is soft (not malignant).
Though the majority yaichnikovykh kist is not malicious, they can reach very big size and rotate on their stalks, thus disconnecting their blood supply and causing a serious belly pain and vomiting. In such cases kista can demand urgent surgical removal.
Rather often many women do not test signs when at them is yaichnikovaya kista, especially if it is small, however, other pain of the message of women during dialogue, more low a belly pain, wrong menstruatsiya, pressure upon a bubble causing frequency of a bubble, even dizziness and vomiting. It usually occurs, when kista became bol'shey.
If kista does not leave, and the pain becomes more serious then, the doctor can offer surgery in the form of a laparoscopy or laparotomii.
Laparoscopy procedure is executed with small reduction under a navel and an insert of the telescopic tool to remove kistu.
Laparotomiya - more persuasive surgery to remove big and more dangerous kistu and can include removal of some surrounding fabrics.
As the surgery - a last resort in processing yaichnikovykh kist, it - in general good idea to search for the second opinion to give you peace of mind before to accept the final decision.
There are other alternative forms of processing yaichnikovykh kist and other variants to be engaged in investigations including the natural not destroying means, which thousand women all over the world have found out to reduce their constant pain and to start to reduce them yaichnikovuyu kistu, never using dangerous drugs or addressing to surgery.


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